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Murder Mystery - Hen Party Idea | Sligo

The event takes place over dinner or drinks in a private venue in the centre of Sligo Town. We organise professional actors for the event but your group are the real actors and the games are the most interactive you’ll find!. Everyone will have the same objectives….. be prepared to be murdered; avoid dying; expect anything; find out what everyone else knows by trading information AND solve the murder!.

Our team of professional actors greet the guests in character from at the start of the event. They’ll befriend and interact with you, divulging important information and casting doubt and suspicion on fellow guests and actors.  We’ll even write your group (and particular individuals) into part of the script before the event date so rather than you just watching this take place, you are involved in your very own personalised Murder Mystery. The actors will mingle with the guests during the evening and guests pick up clues during the scenes and have to establish a motive and solve the murder at the end of the night. There is a Trophy for the winning team.