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Looking for a Stag Party in Ireland

Looking for a Stag Party in Ireland?

So you are thinking of a stag party in Ireland!. Our company organises arranges hundred of hens and stags flying from the UK each year. Our company specialises in Sligo based packages. Sligo is one of the most popular destinations for hens and stags in Ireland and has direct flights from all major Airports in the UK (Ireland West Airport).

There are direct flights to Ireland West from all major UK Airports

Have a Hen or Stag in Ireland


Airport Friday Outward Flight Sunday Return Flight Airline
Birmingham 10:35 (BE653) 12:25 (BE654) Flybe
Bristol 12:15 (FR8202) 15.50 (FR8203) Ryanair
East Midlands 12:20 (FR1742) 14:45 (FR1743) Ryanair
Edinburgh 11:10 (BE655) 12:45 (BE656) Flybe
Liverpool 14:10 (FR6673) 13:20 (FR6674) Ryanair
London Gatwick 17:20 (EI911) 19:25 (EI912) Aer Lingus
London Luton

10:00 (FR8142)

13:15 (FR8144)

11:50 (FR8143)

16:45 (FR8145)

London Stansted

07:55 (FR805)

15:10 (FR807)

09:50 (FR806)

17:05 (FR808)

Manchester 11:25 (BE663) 12:25 (BE664) Flybe

Stag Party In Sligo  - Over 50 Fantastic Ideas

At Hen and Stag Sligo, we deal with thousands of Stags every year and it's safe to say "we know everything about hens and stags in Sligo". There is a wide variety of activities suitable for stags in Sligo. We've broken the ideas down into



Our Most popular stag party sligo ideas

Our survey published on® and® shows the following as the most popular ideas in Sligo.

Airsoft Stag Party Sligo Package

Airsoft Stag Party Sligo

Similar to Paintball, Airsoft is a great outdoor activity that always goes down well on a stag party. Airsoft is a military simulation sport where players participate in mock combat with authentic military-style weapons and tactics. Unlike paintball, airsoft uses 6mm round BBs made of hard plastic. Find out more information on the Airsoft Stag Party Package.

Funballs Stag Party Sligo Package

Funballs Stag Party Sligo Package

This one of the most popular activities for stags throughout Ireland. It is normally based on an Astro Pitch in Sligo Town and involves getting into large inflated balloons and attempting to play football while trying to knock over opponents. Great craic and normally lasts 1 hours. Find out more information on the Funballs Stag Party Package.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Stag Party Sligo Package

Clay Pigeon Stag Party Sligo Idea

Clay Pigeon is one of the most popular with Hen and Stag Sligo and is based about 25 minutes drive from the town centre. A Large group is normally split into sub-groups and the activity itself normally last about 1.5 hours. The Clays are fired from various angles on different courses. Find out more about the Clay Pigeon Stag Package.

Surfing Stag Party Sligo Package

Surfing Stag Party Idea

If you are coming to Sligo, this is definitely an activity worth considering given how famous Sligo is for surf. Our team reviewed the activity recently and gave the 5-star review as an activity for stag parties. Check out more on our Surfing Stag Party Package.

Coasteering Stag Party Sligo Package

Coasteering Stag Party Idea

Coasteering is quite unique to Sligo and is definitely an activity for stags looking for something to get the adrenaline going. Based out in Mullaghmore, it's located about 25 minutes from town. Find out more about the Coasteering Stag Party Package.

Clay Pigeon has since got quite a lot more popular with both hens and stags and since the survey, there are a couple of new hugely popular new stag party ideas. DodgeballWhack a Jack Lawns BowlsThe Cube and a Pool/Darts Tournament have become much more popular over the last year. Some of these activities are 'different' and thus nice to try out. We have found that the best stag ideas require a bit of thinking outside the box!. 

Dodgeball Stag Party Idea

Dodgeball has become a really popular stag package in Sligo. It's normally based in one of the indoor halls in the centre of town and last 1 hour. There are numerous fun challenges but above all, there is plenty of healthy competition!. Check out more about the Dodgeball Stag Party Package.

Other great stag party Sligo ideas

Another activity that is super fun on a stag do and the single most popular hen party activity is Crytal Maze - lads you should consider this idea. It is great craic, fairly challenging even for us men and great for large groups. Other activities for stag packages that have always been popular are Footgolf and Quad Biking, although the Quad Biking is one of the more expensive stag party ideas.

It is worth giving our team a call to discuss your stag. Some activities are more time sensitive than others, so if you are late it can cause problems. Some activities are best to be done at certain times of the year - take for instance White Water Rafting. It might sound obvious, but it is best to do this activity when it rains a lot. While a typical response would be that it rains all the time in Ireland - best results are in October through to March.

White Water Rafting Stag Party Idea

Some 'different' ideas unique to Sligo

From the point of a Sligo native, we think that surfing in Strandhill followed by a nice pint in one of the many fine pubs in Strandhill is a great stag idea and in our opinion one of the best stag ideas. It is a super cool area and if there are some of the guys that don't fancy partaking in the activity - they can go directly to the pub and wait for the others!. Other ideas quite unique to Sligo include Coasteering and Whack a Jack Lawn Bowls. One idea that is very different and not immediately obvious to stags is the Cube Stag Party Package.




The Cube is probably the most popular of all the hen packages and is getting to be one of the most popular stag party packages. It involves a number of challenges that are sure to get the competitive juices flowing. It's based in Lola Montez Nightclub with full bar access and the music full tilt. There are normally numerous hen parties in there at the same time doing other activities so can go down well with the lads!. Check out more about the Cube Stag Party Package.

Crystal Maze Stag Party Idea

Another great idea that is really popular with stags is Crystal Maze. We brought a group from the Hen and Stag Team up to review this as a stag activity and they had an absolute ball!. There are 15 quests and 47 challenges - absolutely super craic. Find out more about the Cyrstal Maze Stag Package.

The Whack a Jack Lawn Bowls Stag Idea is one of the newest at Hen and Stag Sligo. It is really something different and really good fun. Check out the video we did recently with one of the stags down with us recently.

Some cheap ideas

So you are looking for a budget stag party. We offer some fantastic value in this category. For instance - our basic package for 70 euro per person includes the following

You could add an affordable activity like Pools & Darts Tournament or Football Golf

Find out more

Stag weekends are worth giving a bit of thought in order to get the best combo. One can even check out some of the hen party ideas available through our company. It does take some time to plan an unforgettable stag night but it is always worth it and it's not often all the lads get an opportunity to get a weekend away. Do use our team of specialists to get our advice - we have some very unique stag ideas and can tailor some of the best stag packages in Ireland. Go to our contact us page and give us a call.  

Other possible locations for a stag party

There are many more locations in Ireland that are real hotspots for stag parties. Here are 5 of the most popular locations if you are not going to Sligo

  1. Carrick on Shannon
  2. Galway
  3. Kilkenny
  4. Westport
  5. Athlone

There are obviously heaps of other choices if you venture as far as the UK or even further afield. Cities like Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle are very popular as stag destinations.

Other tips for planning a stag party