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Celebrity Juice Package On the Way

Celebrity Juice

We're always looking for new and unique activities and we have another great idea on the way. Have you ever seen Celebrity Juice on TV and thought "I'd like to have a go at that"? Well soon you'll be able to with Hen and Stag Sligo. Like the TV show the activity will have a host and will involve 2 teams going head to head against each other. Various rounds will be incorporated. These include:

Man in the Mirror: The host acts out a particular task/activity and the panelists have to mirror it, albeit with more difficult apparatus/equipment making the task much harder.

The Kissing Link: The panellists have two celebrities given to them, and they then have to link them with people they have famously dated.

The Samey Namey Famey Gamey: The panelists are given a number of celebrities names and must think of words which rhyme with the name. The loser is the first person to stumble or say a word that doesn't rhyme.

Name it on the Boogie: The panellists stand on a dancefloor with a DJ. One member of each team will wear sound-cancelling headphones, whilst the others perform to songs being played. They must use the power of mime and action to indicate which song is playing.

Other Ways of Saying Things You Can't Say on This Morning, This Evening: The panelists are given a variety of sentences with dirty content and asked to change them and repeat them in a way that is suitable for daytime television.





This is sure to be great fun. We'll keep you posted with more details.