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A bit more about the Cube

The Cube Challenge

The Cube Challenge Sligo involves two teams will compete against each other on a point system for bragging rights, pride and a trophy.The Challenge is extremely fun and one of our most popular packages. Ideal for any Hen or Stag party. Also great for corporate bonding or birthday parties, suitable for all age groups. It’s based on the idea that even straight forward tasks become extremely challenging when going heads up against someone from the other team and both teams spectating.

All games are hand eye coordination orientated, simple and very effective.


There is a full bar, some 80’s music and disco lights to add to the effect - what more can you ask for!. Complimentary finger food (cocktail sausage & chips) are brought out to munch on half way through. You can upgrade to the canape menu if you'd like.

There are eight games to compete for the Cube Trophy.

Here is some more detail about the Cube Games:

1 - Post It: 

Post-it Game

This game requires the contestants to deposit a total of 15 balls through the hole in the quickest time. First to have all 15 balls through the whole wins the leg. The slightest loss of concentration and you may miss the hole and the other team will be the victors.

2 - Switch It:

Switch it

This game requires the contestants to swap 10 balls (1 box of blues, 1 box of yellows) from the box they are currently in, to the opposite. The challenge with this game is that at some point the balls will be 5 of blues and 5 of yellows in each box and trying to remember which ones are going to which box can really play with your mind. Again, the contestant to complete the "Switch" in the fastest time wins.

3 – RollMaster

Potential to earn big points in this game. Roll a ball along a 7-foot wooden plank and try and spot it in the designated area. Go heads up against a player from the other team shot for shot. Be careful though, too much power and it will go off the plank and you will get no points, also to little power and you won’t get in the point zone. Be at one with the ball.

4 - Column's

Columns Game

Be wary if you have a shaky hand with this game as it requires you to build a column with 9 pieces, accuracy is a must and also speed to build your column before the other team. Build too slow and your opponent may have their structure complete first, but building too fast can/will result in your structure falling before completed.

5 – Tower Move

This game requires contestants to move a stack of 10 bricks from left to right or right to left, which ever hand works best for them. This is one that tests focus and coordination because if you build at a very fast rate but not very straight your tower is sure to fall, but build too slow and your competitor may have their tower complete before you and take the leg.

6 – Jigsaw

Jigsaw Game

In this game, it feels like you're back in school at an aptitude test. You will have 9 pieces and you have to build the image scene on the board quicker than your opponent, once you are confident you have the right image, step back or put your hands up. Be careful though if your image is not right you cannot step back in and the other team may build theirs correctly within the 60 second time limit.

7 – Bean Bag

Just like in RollMaster there is an opportunity to build a lot of points in this game with 3 shots, to throw a bean bag into a hole from 7 feet away. Which throwing technique will you use?

8 – Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle

9 blocks and 9 holes to fit them into exactly. The only problem is all the holes are different sizes and some only by millimetres. Quickest to put the right blocks into the right holes wins.